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The Forex Pro Trader Program

In this Program, I share my experience and knowledge on trading the Foreign Exchange Market with videos recorded directly from my computer screen for you to see and understand all the tools I use and how I actually use them. The start of the program will cover the basics of investing with the Who, Why, Where, How? Thus, I will show you what Brokers I recommend, and I personally use, the softwares, platforms I use on a daily basis and all the websites I regularly visit to trade. This program is quite personal in the sense that it will mainly focus on my ways of trading including my trading plan, risk management rules, psychology... not learning all the different famous indicators for instance. Towards the end of the program, I will show you how to evolve as a trader because some traders will stay at home and trade as a main or second income for themselves however some of you might want to make this a career like I have done.

Be part of a Team 

Once you have enrolled in the Forex Pro Trader Program you will have access to a private group chat. Why is this great? You will be able to ask questions that will be replied by other traders or myself. Moreover, everyone will be able to share their trade ideas, setups, get feedback etc... It will be a real trading community.

*We will contact you via email to send you the next step of how to join our group.

fx pro trader

you can get access to our Fx pro for just $299.00 one time instead of the regular price of $399.00.

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